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2016 Zodiac Pinup Slideshow

Images from the third annual calendar.

Downtown Vancouver Construction & Destruction (May 2015)

Photos taken around the neighborhood; epic development projects and massive holes in the ground. All architectural drawings are copyright the developers, publically available and attributed as found online.

2015 Zodiac Pinup Slideshow

After staring at my 2014 calendar for two months I finally realized what was missing... backgrounds. ;)

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy's is a monthly event where artists get together for three hours to draw models from Vancouver's Burlesque community. Just like art school, but all the models are beautiful and you get to drink. Photos by Heather Renney and Shary Contrary.

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Zodiac 2014
Set of 12 colored pencil drawings with gradients and astrological symbols added in Photoshop. Based on original drawings from Dr. Sketchy's.


More Views of Vancouver
Photos of downtown Vancouver, taken from the windows or balconies of old apartments, or from the roofs of various buildings.


Drawings from art school and a few years later, before all the charcoals and pastels were packed away in a storage locker to await the muse's second coming.


Lightning Storm

A slideshow of still frames taken from a video Mr. Pink shot of a two-hour lightning storm over Vancouver's English Bay.


16 the towersTarot Cards

I designed a tarot deck between 2000 and 2001, during a rare stretch of un- or at least under-employment. I sank obsessively into the project, researching traditional meanings for all 78 cards and paring them down to a keyword list that I kept on my desk so I could triumphantly cross off each one I completed. The process was like a protracted scavenger hunt through classical art, comics, sci-fi and fantasy compilations and my own photos to find the perfect combination of personal and metaphysical symbols.

02 the high priestessThe strangest of the many coincidences I encountered while making the deck was the High Priestess card, which I completed in August 2001 and showed to friends and family a few days before a virus took me offline for several days in early September. Then, world events consumed my attention. Days stretched into weeks before I returned to this project (The Towers card above was my first response) and it was weeks before I found myself looking through the cards I had finished the month before. When I finally noticed the High Priestess card, whichI hadn't seen since August, I couldn't believe my eyes.


new orleansNew Orleans Post-Katrina

My friend Nicholas visited New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and spent a month battling bureaucracy and narrowly avoiding arrest for walking the streets after curfew. He spent his days helping the stranded, delivering food and water, directing displaced people to shelters and listening to their stories. He also took these pictures.


Vancouver Skies


Most of the time our beautiful, clean, safe city is a study in greys. An impenetrable veil of 40% grey drapes the sky like a shroud, and the cool concretegridwork of downtown is bordered on all sides by the estuaries of the Pacific. Cold grey sea replicates sky like an endless sheet of mirrored steel until they meet at the horizon where the earth curves away into parabolic infinity. But there are always a few days every year when Vancouver makes you forget all that.